What The Hell is Malware and Why Should I Care?

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Who The Book is For

Do you use a desktop or laptop computer that runs the Microsoft Windows operating system? Are you unsure of how to recognise and protect yourself from malware (computer virus) attacks? If so, this book is for you.

There are a great many computer users who are vulnerable to malware attacks simply because they do not have the necessary knowledge to protect themselves.

I wrote this book as a means of making information about malware available to ordinary computer users in a way that can be easily understood and acted upon.

The Terms “Malware” and “Computer Virus”

I discuss what malware is and what it does in a lot more detail in the book. But, at this point, I just want you to keep in mind that, although not technically correct, the terms “malware” and “computer virus” are often used interchangeably. A computer virus is, in fact, just a specific type of malware. However, many news reports, blog posts, emails, and social media messages use the term “virus” to refer to any and all kinds of malware. So, given the way that the terms “malware” and “virus” are now most commonly used, it is important to realise that the two words are usually referring to the same set of nasty beasties.

About The Book

This book:

• Provides information about malware in plain English.

• Focuses squarely on malware that targets Microsoft Windows based computers.

• Does not assume that you know all those computer terms that the geeks and the gurus throw around with such abandon.

• Explains technical terms within the text.

• Includes lots of subheadings to aid rapid reading and comprehension.

When you finish reading, you’ll know what malware is and what it does. And, you’ll know how to recognise common malware attacks and how to keep your computer safe from infection.

About The Author:

I have been researching and writing about malware and other computer security threats for around 14 years. As well as Nibbles and Bytes, I own and operate the popular website Hoax-Slayer.com. Hoax-Slayer debunks Internet and social media hoaxes, exposes scams, and warns Internet users about current malware attacks. Hoax-Slayer began in 2003 as a small Yahoo email discussion group. It has grown into a large and well-respected website that receives more than a million visitors per month and has thousands of pages.

I live in Queensland, Australia with my wife and family.

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