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Stopping iPhones From Ringing Your Mac

Apple’s latest Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite has significantly improved how Macs and iOS devices work together. One new feature allows you to make and answer iPhone calls right on your Mac.

Caps Lock Key

Disable Caps Lock on a Mac

Maybe I’m just keyboard clumsy, but I find that I often hit the caps lock key by accident. Next thing I know, I realize that I’ve tYPED A LONG STRING of capitals. Annoying! Kind of…

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Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

You can easily assign your own keyboard shortcuts for many Windows based programs. Right click on the program’s desktop shortcut icon and select “Properties”. Alternatively, right-click the name of the program in the start menu…

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Quickly Find Word Definitions Using Google

Come across a word you don’t know while browsing? Or perhaps you just want to check that you have the meaning of a word correct. You can get word definitions without even leaving your browser….

Hot Corners Screenshot

MAC – Avoid Accidental Hot Corner Activations

As many Mac users will know, OSX versions give you the ability to create Hot Corners. Hot Corners let you quickly carry out an action – such as showing the desktop – by moving your…

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Six Essential Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

In my opinion, Google Chrome is THE powerhouse browser. I use it each and every day. There is really no part of my daily workflow that doesn’t involve Chrome. Keyboard shortcuts are most efficient when…