Check Gooligan

Check Your Android Phone For Gooligan Malware

Security research teams at Israeli security software provider Check Point Software Technologies have recently uncovered an alarming new Android malware campaign that has breached well over a million Google accounts around the world.  The researchers warn that thousands of accounts are being…

Hide Facebook Friends List

How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

If you use Facebook, it’s a really good idea to limit who can see your Facebook friends list. Unfortunately, many Facebook users have their friends list set to “Public”.  This is a real security “no-no”….

Money Laundering Scams

“Can We Use Your Image” Photography Scams

Many amateur photographers like to share their work via dedicated photo sharing websites or social media outlets. This is perfectly fine and a great way to get your work seen by others and receive recognition and feedback. However, be aware…

Aliens and Spaceships

Old SF For Cheap On Kindle

I love science fiction.  Especially OLD science fiction of the short story variety. These old stories have a certain panache that the newer stuff can’t always match. Article continued below…. My favourite time to read SF…

Glass Jars

Stockpiling Containers

I’ve recycled suitable food and liquid containers for years. However, it’s a good idea to hold some such containers back from the recycling bin for later reuse. Article continued below…. You never know when you…