Internet Speed test

Internet Speed Test – Check How Fast Your Internet Service Is

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like to tell customers how lightning fast their service is compared to that of other companies. But, of course, in the real world, the actual Internet speed you get will often not live up to the ideal promoted by your ISP.  Wouldn’t it be great of there was an Internet speed test […]

Quickly Find Word Definitions Using Google

Come across a word you don’t know while browsing? Or perhaps you just want to check that you have the meaning of a word correct. You can get word definitions without even leaving your browser. Just enter “define <word>” into a normal Google search. For example, to define the word “filibuster” just enter “define filibuster”. […]

Six Essential Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

In my opinion, Google Chrome is THE powerhouse browser. I use it each and every day. There is really no part of my daily workflow that doesn’t involve Chrome. Keyboard shortcuts are most efficient when they become automatic. And, I use the following six keyboard shortcuts so often that they have indeed become automatic: Mac: Command […]