Gullible Oranges

Look Out World, I’m Going to Be a Millionaire Very Soon!

A few days ago, I got an email from Mr Daniel Matthews, a former Marine sniper who is currently working in Afghanistan. He said in the email that he made $10,500,000.00 in an oil deal, which he has hidden away as cash. I had no idea olive oil was such a lucrative business!

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Donkey Cartoon

An Old Man, a Boy, And a Donkey

Received via email: An old man, a boy, and  a donkey were going to town. The man rode on the donkey and the boy walked. Please follow and like us:

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Build Yourself A Shed Guardian

Every self-respecting shed or workshop owner needs a shed guardian!  Correctly constructed, a shed guardian can bring good luck and good vibes to your workspace. Your shed guardian can repel evil spirits and stop neighbours from borrowing…

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Turn it Off and On Again!

The IT Crowd is one of my favourite comedies. And “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is an iconic line from the show. But, of course, there is a hidden truth in the message. I’ve…