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Brett Christensen has been writing about various Internet and computer related topics since 2003. He also operates the popular hoax and scam busting website Hoax-Slayer.

Show File Extensions On Windows

Why It is So Important to Show File Extensions In Windows

File extensions are hidden by default on Microsoft Windows computers. Unfortunately, this can make it harder to recognise potentially malicious files in email attachments.  So, it is important to configure your Windows computer to show file extensions. I explain how to show file extensions below. But, first, let’s discuss what file extensions are and what […]

Read Later Service - Review of Pocket

Pocket – Free Read Later Service Helps You Get More Out of The Web

The web is awash with information. Much of this information does not fit our individual tastes, interests, values, or worldview. Much of it is superfluous – at least to us – or just plain nonsense. But, there is also a vast amount of pertinent, interesting, compelling, uplifting, inspiring, and educational content that really does hit […]

Internet Speed test

Internet Speed Test – Check How Fast Your Internet Service Is

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like to tell customers how lightning fast their service is compared to that of other companies. But, of course, in the real world, the actual Internet speed you get will often not live up to the ideal promoted by your ISP.  Wouldn’t it be great of there was an Internet speed test […]

Facebook Page Purge - Like Button

Perform a Facebook Page Purge – How to Review Liked Pages

Do a Facebook Page Purge in Four Easy Steps The Facebook Pages you like can accumulate rather rapidly. You may no longer be interested in the material a Page is posting. The Page may post too much or too little. Or, if you are anything like me, you may not remember liking the Page in […]