Nibbles and Bytes has evolved into a rather eclectic publication. Originally, it was tightly tech focused. But, more lately, I’ve broadened the scope of the site to incorporate a lot more than just tech tips and reviews. I now include photography focused topics as well as general life tips, book reviews, stuff about writing and blogging, and a few personal insights. I used to cover all of these topics and more across several separate blogs.  But, alas, these blogs often tended to get neglected and would languish, sad, alone, and postless, for lengthy periods.  So, I decided to condense and consolidate everything under the one blog. And Nibbles and Bytes is it!

So why the name “Nibbles and Bytes”? Well, a “byte” is a collection of 8 binary digits (bits) and is the unit that computers use to represent a character such as a letter or a number. So, it seemed fitting for a blog about computers, software, and tech topics. And a ‘nibble’ is half a byte, so it also references the tech and computer sphere.

But, of course, “nibble” can also mean to consume small portions of something, so I think it fits well with the short, snappy articles I tend to publish here. As does the other spelling of ‘byte”.  Here I offer nibbles and bites of topics that interest me, or give me pleasure or fulfillment or insights into the world and the people around me. I hope you’ll find some of these topics interesting as well.

Site History
Nibbles and Bytes started as a simple little blog over at Blogger.com back in April 2004. Over the years, I posted intermittently, with lengthy periods when the blog was pretty much neglected as I worked on other, more pressing projects.

In September 2014, I decided to relaunch the blog and take a more serious approach to the project. So, I moved Nibbles and Bytes from blogger to its own hosting account and installed WordPress.

Topic Areas
Nibbles and Bytes focuses on:

• Reviews of software and websites that I have used and found worthwhile.

• Tips that I have found helpful in everyday computing.

• Reports discussing solutions for computing and software problems that I have encountered.

• Photography and photography software

• Book reviews and stuff about reading, writing, and blogging.

• Fun stuff

• Popular culture

• Life and living in general

About Me
The site is owned and operated by me, Brett Christensen, from my home in Bundaberg, Queensland,

Review Policy
I’m not into bagging other people’s products or services. So, you won’t find any negative reviews here. I only review software, websites, and services that I have personally used and found useful.

All the reviews, tips and ideas on this site are presented in good faith and reflect my own experience of the topics discussed. But, of course, your mileage may vary. Obviously, I simply cannot guarantee that your experience will always mirror my own.

Contact Details
If you wish to offer feedback, or ask questions please feel free to contact me use the form below:

Business Details
Nibbles and Bytes forms part of a registered business that has the Australian Business Number (ABN) 12 992 424 947.

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The site generates revenue via advertising and affiliate marketing. For details, refer to our separate Privacy Policy and our Affiliate Marketing Policy.

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