Lila Short Film

LILA – A short film by Carlos Lascano – YouTube

A beautiful and uplifting short film by Carlos Lascano. A person very dear to us sent my wife a link to this. And, she sent it to me. I was busy and more than a little stressed and upset when I received the message, so I was reluctant to spend the nine minutes or so required to watch.

But, I’m glad that I did! The film moved me to tears and it filled me with joy and hope. Sometimes, somehow, life delivers something to you that you really need at the exact moment that you need it. Call it Serendipity, or God, or the Soul of the Universe, or Cosmic Coincidence.  Call it what you will, but just be willing to accept life’s special little gifts when they come your way.

No more needs to be said. The film speaks for itself.

Hat tip to our Gary for the link.

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