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Check What Strangers Can See on Your Facebook Profile – How to View Your Facebook as Public

Are you on Facebook?  If so, it is important to check what strangers can see on your Facebook Profile. It is wise to hide as much of your information as possible from the snooping eyes of strangers. Facebook cloning scammers and other criminals can use information and photos that are publicly available on Facebook to further their own nefarious goals. And, you probably do not want prospective employers, ex-partners, investigators, or online trolls with an axe to grind trawling through your Facebook stuff, collating your data, and making assumptions about you and your friends.

But, alas, there are still many users who, often through simple lack of knowledge, have their Facebook open to the entire world.

Easily Check What Strangers Can See on Your Facebook Profile

Hopefully, you’ve already taken steps to secure your Facebook as much as possible.  I discuss how to secure your Facebook account in more detail in other reports.

But, either way, here’s something you can quickly do right now to check what strangers can see on your Facebook Profile.

Please note that these instructions describe accessing Facebook from a computer web browser. Some Facebook privacy and security settings may not be available via mobile device browsers or apps.

Go to your Facebook Profile and click the icon with the three dots at the top right. Then click “View As”.

Check What Strangers Can See on Your Facebook Profile

You should now see your Facebook timeline as a member of the public will see it.

Click on the  “Friends” and “Photos” tabs and other elements to see what is visible to strangers. If stuff shows up that you would not want strangers to see, you should then dig down into your settings and tighten up your account security and privacy.

After you have made the changes, you can revisit the “view as” link to see if your new settings are working as you expect.

View as a Specific Person

The same feature also allows you to view your Facebook Profile as a chosen Facebook friend can. When viewing your profile as public as described above, you should see a link in a bar at the top of the page titled “View as Specific Person”.  Click this link, enter the name of the chosen friend, and you will then see what that friend can see on your Facebook profile.

Recheck Regularly

Even after you have locked down your Facebook account, it is a good idea to revisit the “view as public” tool from time to time to make sure that your desired privacy settings have not been inadvertently changed.

Do note that Facebook won’t allow you to hide your current Profile and Cover Photos. They are public by default.

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