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Stockpiling Containers

I’ve recycled suitable food and liquid containers for years. However, it’s a good idea to hold some such containers back from the recycling bin for later reuse.

You never know when you might need a container for preserving food, holding screws or other little knickknacks, or purposes yet to be imagined.

I stockpile containers for just such unforeseen future needs. “Stockpiling” in this case just means randomly chucking containers in a cardboard box I have in the shed. I sort the containers as I take my recyclables to the bin. Getting to the container box and back adds approximately 10 meters to my journey, so it’s not too taxing. ?

A range of containers is good to keep. Soft drink and milk bottles. Glass and plastic jars. Small cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. Even small containers such as vitamin bottles. All are potentially invaluable!

Just a little safety reminder. It is NOT a good idea to reuse food or beverage containers to store ANY type of chemical or potentially dangerous product. People – especially children – could mistake the substances for something they can eat or drink.

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