Aliens and Spaceships

Old SF For Cheap On Kindle

Aliens and Spaceships
I love science fiction.  Especially OLD science fiction of the short story variety. These old stories have a certain panache that the newer stuff can’t always match.

My favourite time to read SF is late at night on my Kindle Paperwhite.  Tucked up in bed. Given that I’m a hopeless insomniac, I manage to plough through stacks of these old stories.

And, this old SF is amazingly cheap on Kindle. Last night – about 1:45 am (sigh) – I bought an amazing collection of old SF short stories for the princely sum of 74 cents. The book features stories from Phillip K. Dick, Robert Sheckley, Poul Anderson, Issac Asimov, Lester Del Ray, Damon Knight and many more classic SF writers.

In fact, there are stacks of these SF short story collections on the Kindle Store. And many of them are available for less than a dollar. Bargain, I reckon.

I wish I could sleep better, but at least I’ll always have something cool to read if I can’t drift off.

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