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How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

If you use Facebook, it’s a really good idea to limit who can see your Facebook friends list.

Unfortunately, many Facebook users have their friends list set to “Public”.  This is a real security “no-no”.

If a criminal clones your Facebook Profile – an increasingly common scam on the network – having a public friends list means that the criminal can send out fake friend request invites to all of your friends. (I discuss Facebook Cloning Scams in more detail over on Hoax-Slayer).

Also, snooping strangers – on either side of the law – can gain insights into your personal life and the people you associate with just by checking out your friends list.

So, it is actually pretty important that you at stop strangers from easily seeing who you are friends with on Facebook.

And, possibly, you might not want all of your friends to see at a glance who all of your other friends are either.  Of course, your Facebook friends may see who some of your other friends are via posts and comments and other Facebook elements.  But, you might prefer that they can’t see a full list of all of your friends with just one click.

Happily, Facebook lets you control who sees your friends list quite easily.

To control who can see your friends list, open your profile and click on the “Friends” tab. Then, click the pencil icon on the right side and click “Edit Privacy”:

Control who sees your friends list on Facebook

Go to the “Who can see your friends list?” section, and make the selection that best fits your needs. You can set it to “Friends, “Only Me”, or a few other choices. Selecting “Only Me” is the most secure option:

Only Me on Facebook friends

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