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MyFitnessPal – Outstanding Diet and Exercise Tracker App

MyFitnessPal -Siet and Exercise TrackerWant to lose weight and increase your fitness levels? Tracking your diet and exercise can be a very important part of achieving these goals. The MyFitnessPal app and website allows you to track your food intake, count calories, and record your exercise very easily.

When you set up the app, it will ask you supply your age, current weight, and fitness goals. MyFitnessPal will then calculate a daily calories allowance based on the information you provided.

Once set up, the app allows you to easily add the food you eat during the day. It will calculate the calories in your food and deduct them from your daily calorie goal. You can also add any exercise you do and this will increase your daily calorie allowance accordingly.

Seeing how many calories you have consumed and how many you have left for the day can be a powerful incentive to stay on track. If your remaining calories are ebbing away too fast, it might motivate you to do some extra exercise to top up your available calories.

MyFitnessPal has a vast database of foods and beverages, so adding food is as simple as searching for and selecting the food you want. You can even scan barcodes on food from right within the app and add the food in seconds.  And, you can create and save meals so that you can then add them with just one click.

Plus, you can extend the functionality of the app by linking other fitness apps and devices such as Runtastic and Fitbit. Once linked, they will  sync with MyFitness Pal and automatically add your workouts, adjusting your calorie count accordingly.

I mostly use the smartphone version of the app. My phone is almost always with me so its easy to log food on the go. However, you can also add your meals and exercise via the tablet version and via the MyFitnessPal website. And, best of all, its free! Of course, even the greatest app won’t give you the discipline and commitment go the long haul and achieve your fitness and weightless goals. Ultimately, that’s entirely up to you. But, apps like MyFitnessPal can certainly help.

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