Teddy reads and thinks about the Advantages of eBooks

Advantages of eBooks Over Printed Books – Digital v Paper

What are some of the advantages of eBooks when compared to their printed versions?

Teddy reads and thinks about the Advantages of eBooks
Nobody realised that, behind the high-brow title, Ted was actually reading a tacky romance novel on his eReader!

I love reading!. I Always have!  I love the look and feel – and even the smell – of a printed book in my hands.  And I love a house with plenty of bookshelves stuffed with books. But, these days, I read a lot of eBooks as well as those of the more traditional paper variety.

Advantages of eBooks

  1. You can get almost any book you want on just about any topic you can imagine almost instantly. See an interesting book promoted on a TV show? Buy it, download it, and start reading before the end of the segment.
  2. Typically, eBooks tend to be considerably cheaper than their printed counterparts.
  3. The devices you read eBooks on have lighting built in. Which means you can read late into the night without having a room light on and thereby avoid annoying your partner.
  4. You never lose your place. The eReader software will remember where you were up to.
  5. There’s a built-in dictionary. Don’t know the meaning of a word? Just click or highlight it and you get an instant definition.
  6. You can create notes to go with the text.
  7. You can access your library anywhere and you can read it on multiple devices.

Read On The Device That Best Fits Your Purpose

I do a lot of my reading on my Kindle Paperwhite eReader. It’s small and light enough to hold comfortably and great for reading in bed.

But, I sometimes read books on my iPhone if I’m waiting in the car to pick up a family member. Or if I’m waiting for an appointment. Or, even if I find myself in a lengthy queue.

Other times, especially  for tutorials or business related eBooks, I prefer to read on my main computer.

And, if the eBook is giving instructions about performing some task on a computer, I prefer to have the book open on my iPad beside my computer monitor.

If you have an Amazon account and buy your eBooks via the Kindle store, you can extend the reach and usefulness of your Kindle library by grabbing the free reading apps for your phone and tablet and bookmarking the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Once you’ve got the eReader apps, you can access your Kindle library anywhere, anytime, which is awesome. You don’t need to have a Kindle eReader as the apps and Cloud Reader will give you access to your entire Kindle library. And since they are free, there is nothing stopping you getting them now just in case you want to try them later on.

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