Quickly Find Word Definitions Using Google

Come across a word you don’t know while browsing? Or perhaps you just want to check that you have the meaning of a word correct. You can get word definitions without even leaving your browser. Just enter “define <word>” into a normal Google search. For example, to define the word “filibuster” just enter “define filibuster”. […]

Hot Corners Screenshot

MAC – Avoid Accidental Hot Corner Activations

As many Mac users will know, OSX versions give you the ability to create Hot Corners. Hot Corners let you quickly carry out an action – such as showing the desktop – by moving your mouse cursor into a corner of the screen. Excellent! But, alas, I find that I quite often accidentally activate the […]

Six Essential Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

In my opinion, Google Chrome is THE powerhouse browser. I use it each and every day. There is really no part of my daily workflow that doesn’t involve Chrome. Keyboard shortcuts are most efficient when they become automatic. And, I use the following six keyboard shortcuts so often that they have indeed become automatic: Mac: Command […]